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David Chapple Signed Print “Mint” 471/500

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David Chapple Signed Print “Mint” 471/500

$299.00 $169.00

34″w  x  42″h

Introducing “Mint” by artist David Chapple – a captivating limited edition print that
captures the essence of automotive artistry. This signed masterpiece, marked 471 out
of 500, features a Porsche 964 turbo set against the backdrop of luxurious beach
condos and swaying palm trees.
David Chapple’s artistic journey, rooted in a lifelong dedication to being a working artist,
unfolds with a rich background. His BFA from Hope College in 1991 laid the foundation,
and in 2014, he achieved the esteemed status of an Automotive Fine Arts Society
(AFAS) member.
Distinguished by innovation, Chapple’s creativity extends beyond traditional painting. In
2007, his artistic evolution embraced three-dimensional work, delving into wood
sculpting. This dynamic shift resulted in iconic pieces like “917k,” “250TR59,” and
“Hippie,” redefining the portrayal of movement in his art.
Chapple’s commitment to perfection is evident in each creation – whether on canvas or
in wood. Hand-painted and hand-sculpted, every piece is a unique, one-of-a-kind marvel.
“Mint” not only showcases the allure of automotive design but also reflects the artist’s
relentless pursuit of excellence, making it a prized addition for art enthusiasts and
automotive aficionados alike.