How to Consign

Our consignment process is simple and straightforward. Simply complete the online Consignment Form, include photos, and as much information and details as you can.

  • Please do not bring your items to the showroom without approval and acceptance. We do not offer on the spot assessments.

Upon receipt, the manager will review your submission and contact you within 24 hours with an offer to consign your item(s) or not.

  • Price is based upon brand, age, condition, and the original purchase price. We also take into account current sales trends and other details you provide in order to establish a market value of each piece.

Next we need to get your item(s) to our showroom. If you are unable to transport your item(s) on your own, we can refer you to a qualified service.

  • We are not a cleaning or repair shop so please make sure your items arrive to the showroom clean, blemish-free, in working condition, free of stains and odors.

After assessment and valuation, we will email you a contract that details the terms and the selling prices of the item(s). We use DocuSign for electronic signature so there is no need to come into the gallery. Although, you are more than welcome to visit us.

After our agreement is signed, you can relax and we will do all the marketing and selling.  We will merchandise your pieces on our showroom floor, our online store, and on other websites. Once your item(s) sells we will send out a check within ten (10) days of sale.

All items are consigned for a 50/50 split less a 2% sales floor commission. We also welcome artist consignments. Contact us for details.

Why to Consign

The effort that it takes to sell unused home goods is far more energy and time than most people have.

Don’t fuss with online hagglers or strangers coming to your home, allow DCG to do all the heavy lifting for you.

We market your items through several different outlets; website, social media, showroom floor, and other web advertising venues.

We are far from an undesirably clustered shop. We pride ourselves on great design and the ability to showcase each item to its full potential, every piece is set to stand out and every vignette is created to express exclusivity down to the very last detail.


  • Please describe each of your items, including brand, style, age, original price and dimensions wherever possible.

PLEASE EMAIL YOUR PHOTOS TO: [email protected]