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“Prismatic City” Leonardo Nierman, XLVI/400

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“Prismatic City” Leonardo Nierman, XLVI/400


33″ L x 26.5″ W
With Certificate of Authenticity and Insurance Appraisal
Numbered 45 of 400

Artist: Leonardo Nierman
Title: “”Prismatic City””
Year: 1970s
Medium: Lithograph
Signed: by the artist in pencil

The Villes (Cities) is a suite of 6 original lithographs. The suite includes; Floating City, Metropolis, City in Ruins, Prismatic City, City Sunset and City in Cliffs.

Lithography is, in essence, a form of drawing broken down by color and line imposed each upon the other.

Estate of J. Frederic Gagel, owner of multiple Thoroughbred race horses that competed in the Narragansett Special and Kentucky Derby. Their family heritage was strongly intertwined with the military having officers in battles dating back to the American Revolution.