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“Experiment” Limited Edition By G.H. Rothe 49/150

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“Experiment” Limited Edition By G.H. Rothe 49/150


Framed Mezzotint Print by G.H. Rothe

33″w x 27 “h

Contemporary German Art – 49 of 150
This limited edition mezzotint print titled “Experiment” is a masterful work by renowned German artist G.H. Rothe (1935 to 2007). Rothe, born into a family of skilled goldsmiths, honed her artistic talents through technical training in drawing and goldsmithery. After studying painting and art history, she was awarded the Villa-Romana-Prize, affording her a year in Florence, Italy. Her extensive study trips across Europe and beyond enriched her artistic perspective. Rothe eventually made her home in New York and Carmel, California, leaving an indelible mark on the global art scene.

Key Features:

– Type: Limited Edition Mezzotint Print
– Size: Print – 15.63×21.88 in (40×56 cm), Framed – 27×33 in (69×84 cm)
– Edition: From the Edition of 150
– Artist: G.H. Rothe (1935 to 2007), a distinguished figure in contemporary German art
– Technique: Mezzotint – a centuries-old, skillful, and rarely utilized art form

About G.H. Rothe:

– G.H. Rothe’s artistic journey began in Wiedenbrück, Germany, where she developed her skills in drawing and goldsmithery under her family’s guidance.
– Her artistic pursuits led her to study painting and art history, culminating in the prestigious Villa-Romana-Prize, which facilitated a transformative year in Florence, Italy.
– Rothe’s extensive travels across major artistic centers including Paris, London, Vienna, Moscow, Madrid, and Uruguay, enriched her creative vision.
– Her preferred mode of artistic expression, the mezzotint, is a technique steeped in history and requires exceptional skill.

Contemporary Germany:

– G.H. Rothe’s work embodies the spirit of contemporary German art, showcasing a fusion of tradition, technical mastery, and innovative expression.
– Her mezzotint prints are celebrated by museums worldwide, attesting to their enduring artistic value.

“Experiment” is a testament to Rothe’s exceptional talent and her dedication to the rarely utilized mezzotint technique. This limited edition piece is a valuable addition to any art collection, offering a glimpse into the depth of Rothe’s artistic prowess.